TOOLS TO STRENGTHEN OUR COMMUNITY As some of you will remember, there were County housing summits in both 2006 and 2007.  There have been no similar events since then, however, and as we all know, we have experienced many changes affecting our County's economy and housing market since 2007.  We believe the time has come for us to reconvene as a community, take a current look at Lancaster's housing market, and discuss what we need to do to ensure housing contributes to the health and economy of our community in the years to come. 

The theme of this year's Summit will be "Tools to Strengthen Our Community", and its primary goals will be to provide Lancaster builders/developers, municipal/government officials, landlords, realtors, housing counselors, and employers the opportunity to examine the most current information and data available  about our County's housing market and discuss the implications for the future.  The day will begin with a presentation and panel discussion on the LHOP and Lancaster County Planning Commission's (LCPC) forthcoming study, Housing Needs Analysis and Market Study for Lancaster County.   The study will cover economic forces affecting housing; employment and housing needs; the rental and sales market environment; senior and special needs housing; and the gaps in the current supply of affordable housing. 

The Summit will also offer workshops after the plenary session focusing on a range of related issues raised in the study and which will appeal to all the groups in attendance.  We are expecting more than two hundred persons representing a wide cross section of the Lancaster constituent groups interested in our County's housing market.